About Me

Kirsten Korot is a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Master, and Vibrational Sound Healer.  She works with a combination of  breathwork, Guided Imagery and Sound Healing using Tibetan “singing” bowls  widely known for their hypnotic tones and therapeutic ability to promote healing, peace of mind, balance, harmony and creativity.

“Having come through my own healing journey with a life threatening illness I know the healing power of using these tools for relaxation, stress, pain relief and overall health.”

A native Angelino, Kirsten grew up singing but also at a very early age she felt a strong connection to her intuition and her spiritual journey began very young.  “ I can remember sitting as a child staring at the ocean or in nature and although I knew nothing of meditation I would go into a kind of meditative state for hours at a time and felt completely at peace.”

She went on to pursue a career as a vocalist including lead singer for an all girl band Mozaic in the 1980’s.  Over the years working on different music projects and in the studio she established herself as an accomplished singer/ songwriter.

Kirsten began her journey into sound healing from her work as a singer/songwriter who was often told her music had healing qualities to it. In her desire to learn more about sound and vibration and its effects on healing she began to study the art of Intuitive Toning.

She met her toning partner Gail Chasin and they began a journey to create a Sound Healing CD recorded completely unrehearsed and intuitively toned. What began as an experiment turned into this amazing CD “Elements” released in Nov 2004.

As spirit and the synchronicity of life would have it, in the same month that the CD was released Kirsten was called into her doctors office and told she had later stage Hepatitis C and liver disease from a blood transfusion done in a surgery in her 20’s. It sat for 20 yrs silently doing damage and she was given 8-10 yrs to live at that point. Her chances of curing it with traditional medicine were not considered good odds.

At one point a very famous Liver Doctor even gave up on her in the 1st month of treatment and suggested she apply for a liver transplant and stop the medicine, but against his wishes she turned to her doctor at UCLA that would work with her non-traditional approach and allow her to participate in her own healing process staying on the Western chemo treatments to adding her own regime of Alternative Healing Methods.
Kirsten began a regime combining the traditional medicine with her toning and sound therapy, visualization, breath work, and acupuncture and within a few months the disease was undetectable in her body.

In her own healing journey, Kirsten found that the CD “Elements” that she created to help others heal became her own best tool for self-healing.

Kirsten began studying Therapeutic Guided Imagery at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles to explore more in depth the use of Guided Imagery she had been intuitively using in her own healing.  She fell in love with the idea of being able to take this work and add it to the sound healing and in December 2009 Kirsten became a Certified Master of Therapeutic Guided Imagery.

“What I love is helping people and in the process empowering them in their own health and well-being.

And because I have used all the tools in my own healing journey I have found that the combination of the Guided Imagery and Sound Healing with the Tibetan Bowls allows me to work with my clients at a deeper level to release, let go and move through their issues and connect the dots in their lives”
Because of her own profound and miraculous healing, Kirsten believes it is her journey to work with others to teach them the power of the Body-Mind-Spirit connection in healing.

Kirsten’s volunteers at Cancer Centers and works with others with Hep C and other illnesses and facilitates workshops and privates in Los Angeles and has traveled to retreats and seminars around the U.S.