Archived Podcast from “The Passion Muse Show” now available and also take advantage of my Special Rate for a Private Session

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Click here to go to the get information on the Special Rate through March 31 for a private session with me.   (purchase now and schedule it in person, phone or skype anytime up til Sept 30, 2012 but take advantage of this special rate)

For those that missed the show you can now listen on the archives at and click on the link from 3/19 for the show. I would love to hear your feedback. Also for those wanting to experience my work in person or on phone or skype you can still take advantage of my March special Rate at over 50% for a private session

Monday, March 19, 2012, I was so proud to live and in person as a guest with Mia Saenz Whitmore on her “The Passion Muse” show.  Listen to the podcast and get a taste of the Tibetan Bowls played live, hear Mia’s reaction to having them placed on her, discussion of my own healing journey, and so much more about how I work with people to move through their fears and embrace the MAGIC OF THE UNKNOWN where all is possible. Don’t miss a moment of this experience.

What a joy it was to be able to share this and be in studio live with one of my favorite people Mia Saenz Whitmore.  Check out her facebook page

To listen to the recorded show visit the archive page. and click on the link for 3/19 with my name.

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